The Chief Value Officer is around the corner…

The Chief Value Officer is around the corner

The Network for Business Sustainability asked us what we thought would be our priorities for 2020.

The trend to follow will be the rise of the ,Chief Value Officer, who considers financial and non-financial value. Read my full answer here.

More on the Chief Value Officer definition by IIRC/IFAC in 2019.

Book by Mervyn King and Jill Atkins in 2016.

Sustainability CFOs report by IMA in 2018.

Your company’s next climate leader is…the CFO in Harvard Business Review (2020).

NBS Podcast on sustainability CFO is here.

Interview on on Chief Value Officer (May 2020).

Interview (in French) in Le Monde Grande Ecole (June 2020).

Webinar to understand our new MBA Chief Value Officer June 30th 2020

Our MBA webpage.