Research Centre

I am the director of the “Integrated Multi-Capital Performance Research Centre” situated at Audencia, Nantes, France.

The “Measurement, Control and Audit of Integrated Multi-Capital Performance” research centre aims for strengthening multi-capital measurement and control systems through innovation, participating in international standardisation and supporting accounting teams and accounting profession transformation.


Accounting transformation
for tomorrow

Offering integrated multi-capital accounting to all sizes companies (Multinationals, SMEs)

Aiming strong communication about management control, internal control and reporting to stakeholders

Ensuring international standards, SDGs and planetary boundaries accounting

Finance professionals’ support

Training and increasing awareness among sustainable development accountants and controllers’ teams

Offering insights about latest news 

Interpreting standards and progress 

Supporting teams with appropriate tools

Rules standardisation and harmonisation

Participating in the national, European and international multi-capital accounting standardisation

Feeding standardisation organisations thinking thanks to research 

Participating in international standards harmonisation efforts


Research Centre Director

3 senior members

3 PhDs